Plat is an open-source creative platform that through r&d, innovation and education addresses the food+health related challenges that humanity will face in the future.

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Our goal is to nurture and inspire the thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. We are talent growers.


With the support of leading specialists in technical and creative fields we exchange knowledge and inspiration through talks, demos, workshops, conferences and special events in our Sci-Fi Food Lab in Barcelona.



Session   |  18.09.2020

Workshop  |  21.10.2020



Session   |  22.10.2020




"From waste to gold"

Workshop  |  20.10.2020

Play with Food


"Video games and food"

Workshop   |  23.10.2020




Our work as an observatory of futures allows us to keep track of society’s changes, scientific advances and new trends.

With all this knowledge we develop studies and research papers that serve as foundations or guides for innovation, future projects, product development, ecological transitions and much more.


Foodture Barcelona is the Summit of Innovation in Food Design, Food Tech & Sustainability born in Barcelona city. Seeking to create an open space where visionary projects, startups, design, innovation and science come together to explore and redesign the world of food.


Science Fiction transforms into the Science of tomorrow. Design fiction allows us to draw and reflect on future scenarios with avant-garde solutions that have functionality on the present.

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"The future is now"

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