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Research_Case One

Non-Gravital Food

As an exploration of the food market from an innovative perspective we decided to study the world of floating food. This new perspective for gastronomy opens the door to unique food experiences by not only separating the food from a surface but by creating a new way to communicate in 360º.

The project started with the creation of the “flying bonbon”. This first iteration combined different gases (such as helium and argon) to produce a reaction that suspended the food midair. Even though this was quite an exciting proposition, we continued researching different levitating solutions.

The next step was Leva, a special table that allowed to levitate food by using a series of magnets. This new product could be combined with projecting mapping to create an interactive experience.


The next step was the development of the edible bubble technology. This allowed us to create a new food experience for events, product presentations…


Right now we are also developing the application of this technology into the pharmaceutical spaces to create alternative options for children, the elderly and those with special needs.

Research_Case Two

Smoking Health

Starting with a study of the use of steam and mist in traditional medicine, we develop a series of technologies around smoking that could introduce it into the health space.


Smoking could be transformed into an alternative to swallowing for the growing population that suffers dysphagia; at the same time, it can create a new experience for the consumption of foods and medications.

This research materialised into a series of vaping-related product that used terpenes, essences, flavours and aromatics pared with liquids solids to create healthy smoking devices for the consumption of probiotics, medicines, vitamins and more.


One of these new disruptive products was called Smoook. This vaping device allowed the use of all king of herbs and liquids that could be used for a medicinal use.

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